How to Fight and Win

Staff Fighting

Staff fighting is a discipline that is not quite as popular as the other more romanticized and often-depicted fighting styles.

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Samurai Fighting

Samurai fighting techniques stem from the combat methods used by the noble military class of the Japanese pre-industrial age.

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Best Way to Win a Street Fight

Watching action-packed films might have motivated you to think of the best way to win a street fight when faced with the same scenario. You must have seen how many times the protagonists show off his moves on the streets and in other public places to win over his enemies. Once in a while, it feels good to imagine ourselves as super heroes, but are you prepared enough?

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Street Fighting

Street fighting involves the use of anything and everything that can be used as a weapon including all the parts of the human body and various objects that can typically be found lying in the streets of any settlement or community.

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Greek Fighting

When most people think of martial arts, the first region that comes to mind is Asia. This is totally understandable; that continent is after all where many of the world’s most popular fighting arts originated.

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Kendo Techniques

Kendo is a sport that has been practiced in Japan for many hundreds of years.

Originally developed as a means to train students how to attack and counterattack effectively with a sword, Kendo has evolved into a highly respected combat sport in its own right and today. Kendo fighting techniques are practiced by many people of all ages all over the world.

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Jiu Jitsu Techniques

Jiu Jitsu is actually used to refer to two distinct but related martial arts: the Japanese Jiu Jitsu (or Ju Jitsu) and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

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Ultimate Fighting

The huge popularity of the ultimate fighting series of competitive combat events has led to a great interest in the various ultimate fighting techniques used by the participants.

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Russian Fighting

Perhaps one of the best-kept secrets in the martial arts world–a field where there is certainly no shortage of legendary and obscure fighting styles–is the existence of the set of Russian fighting techniques known simply as “the system”.

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