Knife Fighting

One of the most sobering prospects that anyone will have to face is encountering someone who attacks you with a knife.

Short of carrying a gun, there is little–if anything–that you can do against such an assailant. On the other side of the coin, if you do decide to use a knife as a means of defending yourself, this decision carries with it a lot of issues to consider.

Make no mistake about it: knife fighting is serious business and the risk of causing significant injury–and even death–to your opponent, as well as to yourself, is a very real possibility.

That being said, here are some knife fighting techniques that can help prepare you for any eventuality, and hopefully allow you to walk away from a potentially deadly situation with minimal injury.

The first thing that you should examine is your grip. The normal way that you would hold the knife for cutting something is exactly the wrong way to hold it for knife fighting.

The main problem with that grip is that all the pressure on the knife is focused near the blade. When you hit a hard object, the knife will likely slip and cause you to cut yourself. Instead, you should apply pressure with the last three fingers of your hand, and use your thumb to stabilize the knife.

The stance is one of the most important of all knife fighting techniques and you should strive to develop it so that you are capable of shifting to an attack or a defensive position at a moment’s notice.

This typically involves having your right foot forward while the other foot is placed back with the heel up to aid in balance and support.

Related to the stance is the footwork. You should strive to develop an effective and efficient way to move your feet so that you can carry out as wide a range of movements as possible. Also be sure that you do not get tangled up and fall, as the consequences of doing so can be deadly.

This is only a small listing of some of the knife fighting techniques that you should learn and develop, but they form the basis of many of the more advanced techniques that you will learn later on.

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  1. Mitch in Toronto on June 6th, 2011

    if someone is menacing you with a knife .. immediately tear your jacket off and if it’s not too bulky .. (jean jacket) .. whip them with it .. downward over-hand strokes – tangle up the knife – punch them in the map (repeatedly) .. and take off! Leave your jacket behind if it’s too tangled up.

    Similarly a belt works too. Whip the belt off and holding the loose end — clonk them over the head with the buckle-end. Or just snap in their face. It hurts plenty – they’re going down.

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